Added weekly (sic) article.

If you haven’t been added to the site, please just ask. I’m still looking for contributions if you feel up for it, particularly in the Adventure Log.


Added weekly article.

How can I help with the Wiki?

Players can help by adding entries to the Adventure Log, by created (clearly titled and indexed) pages where they make requests for new article, by editing obvious grammatically errors and by adding entries for stuff that the PCs have encountered and writing down all the information they’re aware of (Maggie’s Monday Night, for instance.)

Obviously you are under no obligation to help, but if you have a burning desire that’s the sort of stuff I need!

Archived News


Added a new page to the Wiki; this will be the first of many weekly updates to the wiki.


Welcome to Shadows of Detroit, my homepage for all things related to our Shadowrun game.

Things are still pretty basic right now, but we’ll be adding stuff as time goes on. I want to keep update incentives to a minimum; you guys can get as much out of this as you put into it.

I encourage fiction and in-character posts, as well as out of character rules tracking and setting updates, particularly on the Wiki.


EDIT: Apparently we don’t have a forum because I refuse to pay for a free service. So… NOT.

I guess, use the Wiki instead.

A note on canon

I will be posting the unofficial history of Shadow-Detroit in the next day or so. I want to emphasize something here: I have not followed Shadowrun for 4 editions. I had a brief affair with it back in 3e, in which I read the core, and I’ve read about half of the published material for 4e. I don’t particularly care where what I write contradicts canon, at least as far as the setting goes (though feel free to call me when the rules stuff I right contradicts canon!). Assume that if I write something that contradicts a fairly minor point in the setting history, I’m deliberately writing over it. If I’m undoing something fairly major – like, I don’t know, Goblinization or something – point it out if you like, but I’ll probably stick with my setting anyway. Major do-overs like this, though, will probably be pretty rare. Mostly the stuff I’m likely to contradict involves the setting’s primary sample characters (Fastjack, etc) or Ares.

Shadows of Detroit

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