Shadows of Detroit

Ghouls in a Sewer

The PCs investigated a blockage in the sewers under the West Side. They discovered several important things; first, a group of people huddled into the sewer who certainly looked like ghouls; second, a pile of bodies that were obstructing the flow of clean water; and three, a mutated and magically active Alligator.

Turns out, the “ghouls” were part of an Evo-run experiment, in which parts of the disease were made into usable products. A small percentage of the test group adopted physical signs of the ghoul syndrome, but did not suffer from blindness or the hunger for flesh that the real deal “enjoys.” The poor test subjects were being dumped by the corp into the sewer, when several of them developed “ghoul madness”, the mindless rage that some strains of ghouls are known for. The bodies of the dead Evo men clogged the water pipes, and resulted in city-wide backups.

Victoria managed to calm the huddled mass and convinced them to leave, despite their misgivings that they would be rejected by both mainstream society and civilized ghouls.


Mendrian Mendrian

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