Shadows of Detroit

Miss Lena Star

The party met with Ares; here, they met Hank and Jennifer. Dan’s character was chosen as the Team Leader, whereupon they were told to gather Miss Lena Star from the hands of Horizon Entertainment.

Lena was set to have her contract expire in several months, but was looking to leave prematurely. Ares agreed to pick up her contract and “free” her from her legal obligations to Horizon, given them exclusive access to her has an actress (the young Miss Star was the center of the popular reality television series, “”/campaign/shadowsofdetroit/wikis/Model%20for%20Life/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Model for Life."

The party managed to acquire Star but with difficulty. They ran afoul rival freelance Mage, Sam Spence. Spence sicced a nasty fire spirit on the party, nearly resulting in disaster!

The PCs also managed to fulfill two secondary objectives; they gathered Horizon’s fall lineup and escaped with “sensitive data” hidden in a safe.


Mendrian Mendrian

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