Shadows of Detroit

Death Island
das Luftschiff
Big Trouble in...
... well, fuck it, Detroit.
Downtime 2
Mitsuhama Shuffle

A mission from one of the team’s fixers, this mission had the PCs hunting down the source of illegal arms – arms that were being sold to the Ashers at a low, low price. They found that the arms were being distributed by another team of runners – Malice, Mercy, and Mayhem – and that they were being sold out of a Mitsuhama warehouse in Ganger Haven.

About 20 stolen cars later, and the PCs broke into the warehouse – quite literally – and disrupted operations, but not before Wyatt’s brand new car was nearly blown through by a large insectoid drone armed to the gills with high-tech weaponry. This drone was piloted by some… unusual programs.

Downtime 1
Maggie's Monday Fight

In an attempt to build an ongoing relationship with Maggie – of Maggie’s Monday Night – the PCs agreed to do a job for her. It seemed that one of her ex-boyfriends, a petty member of an East-side planning committee was blocking a proposition which would allowed Maggie to open a franchise on the other side of the city. So she hired them to “fix” the situation.

Things got complicated when the PCs discovered that the Mafia had dispatched a team against the same target, to collect on a number of outstanding loans. After some deft maneuvering, the PCs scared off the Mafia and got the vote passed.

Help Computer

The PCs found a computer in an abandoned facility in the Wastes. Not only did was this computer part of an AI construct, but it was made out of bio-technological materials – a living creature as well as a computer. Dough-Boy was attacked by a UCAS team and PCs managed to fend off the aggressors, claim the facility to Ares, and help keep the AI safe.

Ghouls in a Sewer

The PCs investigated a blockage in the sewers under the West Side. They discovered several important things; first, a group of people huddled into the sewer who certainly looked like ghouls; second, a pile of bodies that were obstructing the flow of clean water; and three, a mutated and magically active Alligator.

Turns out, the “ghouls” were part of an Evo-run experiment, in which parts of the disease were made into usable products. A small percentage of the test group adopted physical signs of the ghoul syndrome, but did not suffer from blindness or the hunger for flesh that the real deal “enjoys.” The poor test subjects were being dumped by the corp into the sewer, when several of them developed “ghoul madness”, the mindless rage that some strains of ghouls are known for. The bodies of the dead Evo men clogged the water pipes, and resulted in city-wide backups.

Victoria managed to calm the huddled mass and convinced them to leave, despite their misgivings that they would be rejected by both mainstream society and civilized ghouls.

Miss Lena Star

The party met with Ares; here, they met Hank and Jennifer. Dan’s character was chosen as the Team Leader, whereupon they were told to gather Miss Lena Star from the hands of Horizon Entertainment.

Lena was set to have her contract expire in several months, but was looking to leave prematurely. Ares agreed to pick up her contract and “free” her from her legal obligations to Horizon, given them exclusive access to her has an actress (the young Miss Star was the center of the popular reality television series, “”/campaign/shadowsofdetroit/wikis/Model%20for%20Life/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Model for Life."

The party managed to acquire Star but with difficulty. They ran afoul rival freelance Mage, Sam Spence. Spence sicced a nasty fire spirit on the party, nearly resulting in disaster!

The PCs also managed to fulfill two secondary objectives; they gathered Horizon’s fall lineup and escaped with “sensitive data” hidden in a safe.


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